Set in 3 acres of lush Aberdeenshire countryside Coalford Canine Retreat offers a totally self contained facility with extensive exercise amenities to provide a stimulating and enriching environment.

With acres of grounds for walks, play and exercise, all our guests are kept happy and enthused, whether they walk and play alone, in family groups, or in a pack of new friends.   

The facilities cater for dogs of all abilities from the highly energetic who have to be active through to those who just love a gentle stroll through the woods or to chill out in the indoor play barn.

Leads are not a necessity at Coalford Canine Retreat as the two recreational paddocks, complete with sandpit activity area and sensory garden, are securely fenced and fully floodlit allowing all our guests to run and play in freedom and safety all year round.

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Woodland Walks

For less strenuous forms of exercise there is a woodland area that is laced with paths for leisurely walks throughout the day.

The Templar Burn runs through the site so on hot summer days our guests can take a dip in the gently running water to cool off.


Indoor Play Barn

On days when the weather is not suitable for extended outdoor exercise there is an indoor barn than can be used for play and companion time. The barn is full of toys and acitivities for the more energetic guests while those wanting to relax can lounge around on the sofas and pillows.