Doggy Suites

We have 5 self-contained luxury suites comprising of three Standard Suites and two Executive Suites, each offering a light and spacious heated sleeping area. All suites maintain a domestic feel to create an atmosphere where all guests can relax in a stress fee environment. Each suite has state of the art thermostatically controlled infrared heating panels that allow the guests to choose a warm or cool spot to relax at any time of the day or night. All the suites have full-height, insulated walls creating a quiet, calm, balanced environment for the guests. The suites are finished with slip resistant vinyl flooring, wallpapered walls and all come complete with TV's and raised beds.

All suites have an exclusive 4m (13ft) long garden room, complete with dog friendly artificial grass in which the guests can relax and look out onto the garden and the fantastic countryside beyond. These garden rooms are covered and have been specifically orientated not to face each other – research has proven that this can be the prime cause of stress in many boarding situations.

All the suites and adjoining garden rooms have been designed to fully comply with the latest “Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Dog Boarding Establishments” published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). This document is widely recognised as the gold standard when considering animal welfare and Coalford Canine Retreat is the first dog boarding facility in the North East to fully incorporate the recommendations published in May 2016.

By limiting the quantity of hotel suites to 5 Coalford Canine Retreat can ensure that every guest can get the individual care, attention and companion time that they deserve.


Daily Routine 

07:30 Morning walks followed by breakfast

09:00 Quiet time with access to garden room.

12:30 Play, exercise and companion time.

14:00 Quiet time with access to garden room.

16:30 Play, exercise and companion time.

18:00 Dinner followed by quiet time

20:30 Evening walks

21:30 Tasty treats then bedtime.

TV's are available within the suites at all times.

With the owner's permission like-minded dogs will be allowed to play and exercise together.

Food & Nutrition

We stock, and can provide, the highest quality dog food although we do fully appreciate that to prevent stomach upsets and distress some guests will prefer to maintain their current feeding regime and in such instances we are happy to store and serve owner provided food for the duration of the guest's stay.

We are also more than happy to administer medication and/or food supplements in accordance with the owner's instructions.


Comforts From Home

At Coalford Canine Retreat we can provide everything the guest will require during their stay from raised beds to toys and feeding bowls but we do encourage owners to bring as much from home as possible to help the guests settle in.

Items such as beds, bedding, toys (all preferably unwashed) and any other items that smell of home - there is plenty of room and it really does help them get acquainted to their new environment.


Safety & Security 

The security and safety of guests is of paramount importance. At Coalford Canine Retreat we have CCTV cameras monitoring the site 24 hours per day.

With on site residential accommodation there are also trained staff on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

An on call Veterinary Surgeon is available at all times.